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Duo Maxwell
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27th-Feb-2009 02:30 pm - 002
What the hell!?

It was supposed to be a game!

Was I...did I...did she actually...

I thought I was dead.

I need to get outta here.
15th-Dec-2008 04:43 pm - 001
not cool
So, what is this place again exactly? Some sort of contest or game or something? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, or like I’m not honored to be asked to participate or anything, but well, there’s the thing: couldn’t you have just asked first, instead of just letting me wake up here? That’s not really in keeping with the sporting spirit or whatever, is it? I mean, I might have said yes, even though I’m awful busy at the moment, and this really isn’t a good time for me. I have to see someone about a thing, so yeah, not the best time.

So what sort of competition are we talking about? Sports? Trivia? One of those things where you gotta walk with a cherry between your butt cheeks and if you drop it you get covered in slime or something? It would be really helpful to know these things ahead of time.

And who is gonna be watching this, huh? I hope the guys aren't gonna see this. If Heero finds out someone was able to kidnap and drag me off in the middle of the night, I will never ever hear the end of it.

The digs aren't terrible though. Looks like I might have a roommate. I suppose there's nothing to do but check this place out.
10th-Dec-2008 06:30 pm - This is a test
This is a test of my emergency broadcast equipment. This is only a test.


This was a test of my emergency broadcast equipment. If this had been an actual emergency, the scream you just heard would have been followed by many more and louder.

Thank you.
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