Duo Maxwell


Character Name: Duo Maxwell
Series: Gundam Wing
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: He’ll say he’s straight if asked, but that’s really more a guideline, rather than a rule.

Appearance: 5’3, slight but strong, with dark violet eyes and an expressive face. His smile is broad but not always sincere. His most noticeable feature, though, is his magnificent braid of brown hair, which reaches all the way down past his waist. He comes wearing a black biker-style jacket over a red flight suit, the sleeves rolled up above the elbow, black jeans and heavy black boots with thick soles.

Personality: Duo is friendly and garrulous, always quick with a joke and a smile. He certainly appears to be the most laid-back and easygoing of the pilots, leading some to believe he isn’t as competent as the others, though nothing could be farther from the truth. His smile is a mask, and though he is friendly, he tends to remain distant from those he cares about, believing that he will bring death to anyone who gets too close to him. He calls himself Shinigami, a god of death, and he truly believes this of himself. Despite sometimes acting a bit goofy, once Duo becomes serious, he can be downright frightening. He is very steadfast in his beliefs and convictions and is not easily swayed. His concern can come out as sounding a bit hostile sometimes, but that isn’t his intent.

Abilities: Duo has no special powers, but he is naturally intelligent and intuitive, with an inquisitive mind and a knack for imaginative solutions. He is streetwise, and knows how to survive in adverse situations. He has been trained in espionage, weaponry, explosives, and tactics. He is also an extremely skilled pilot. He’s a good fighter, and has a talent for blending in by not trying too hard to blend in, though he can be quite stealthy when he puts his mind to it. He’s pretty sturdy and can take a pretty good beating and still get up.

Weapons: Duo usually carries at least one gun, if not two, plus a hunting/utility knife on his person. He also has been known to conceal lock picks and even small explosives in his braid, and it would be safe to assume he is doing so presently.

Physical: He is still a teenager, and so has the strength and stature that comes with that. He might be sturdy but he is still somewhat of a lightweight, and just not cut out for heavy brawling. In fights, his braid could definitely be counted as a weakness, as could his inability to hide his reactions, making him somewhat easy to read unless he’s really concentrating.
Emotional: Duo doesn’t see himself as a good person, and actually believes he is evil. His lack of confidence in his own quality is a weakness all in itself. He has a great deal of unexplored guilt over the loss of those he has loved in his past, and these issues keep him from wanting to get too close to people, while on the other hand, his very nature drives him to seek out new connections. This causes him even more guilt and self-depreciation, in a sort of self-destructive vicious circle. He is also quite emotional, and is not very good at hiding his emotions and reactions.

History: Duo was born on a colony in the L2 cluster. Orphaned at an early age, he has no memory of either his birth name or his parents, and becomes part of a gang of street urchins led by a boy named Solo. When a virus strikes the colony, Solo and several other children die from the virus. He then names himself Duo, to remind himself that Solo is always with him, and becomes the new leader of the remaining children.

However, there is a crackdown on these street kids and Duo’s little gang is caught and brought to live at the Church run by Father Maxwell and Sister Helen. It is Sister Helen who first braids his unruly hair, and gives him his first hug. All the other children are adopted out, but Duo is difficult, and always sent back. Father Maxwell is unconcerned, and believes that one day, Duo will make a great priest.

When rebels take over the Church, Duo agrees to steal a mobile suit for them if they will just leave the Church alone. But by the time he returns, the Church has been destroyed, the people inside massacred, including Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, who gives Duo her blessing as she dies. Duo gives himself the last name Maxwell from that time on.

Duo lives off his wits from then on, and a few years later is caught by Professor G’s men sneaking on board a Sweeper Group ship. G is impressed by the skill needed to hack through their tight security and offers him the chance to pilot the Deathscythe Gundam in Operation Meteor (the plan to drop a colony upon the Earth and then use the gundams to take advantage of the resulting disaster). Duo is horrified by the operation, and decides to blow up the gundam and kill everyone on board present, including himself.

But G takes the firing pins from the bombs and suggests that Duo instead steal Deathscythe and start Operation Meteor on his own terms: with no colony drop. Duo agrees. Meanwhile, his four fellow gundam pilots, unbeknownst to him, have done the same.

He meets Heero Yuy first, while salvaging the Wing Gundam, and shoots him when Heero holds a gun on Relena Darlian. Later, he rescues Heero from the hospital, and Heero in turn steals parts from Deathscythe to repair Wing. They work together on missions a couple times, once hiding out at the same school. Later, Duo fights alongside Quatre Winner, and the two of them agree to return to space after Oz holds the colonies hostage to stop the gundam attacks.

In space, Duo is captured by Oz, but then rescued by Heero, who had actually come to kill him. Heero leaves him to go to the Lunar base where mobile dolls are being manufactured, and later Duo follows, but fails to destroy the facility and is captured, but not before learning that the scientists are secretly rebuilding the gundams. Duo and Wufei are nearly killed in captivity, but rescued by Une and the scientists, and leave with their gundams.

Duo lays low for a long time afterwards, though White Fang attempts to recruit him. He refuses, and decides to fight for the colonies, again on his own terms. He eventually meets up with his fellow pilots, and together they help save the Earth and bring peace to the Earth Sphere.

A year later, he helps Quatre send the gundams to the sun, and then, when Quatre retrieves them to fight the Mariemaia army, he once again fights alongside his fellow pilots, and helps the people of Earth fight for their own peace and freedom. Afterwards, he blows up Deathscythe, and in the months since he has been working for the Sweeper Group and doing other odd jobs, sometimes with the Preventers and the other former gundam pilots.

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